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Can you afford to take a long weekend off?


Ask yourself: Can you afford not to?


Give yourself a break and invest some time in yourself.



Sometimes you need to stop, listen to yourself, learn, grow and reground yourself with a bunch of like minded men.


Step away from the pressures of life, turn off the technology, and reset your batteries!


Retreats have a focus on daily group and individual coaching, individual grounding through morning meditation and yoga and lots of time to reflect.


We adopt a holistic approach to retreats, incorporating time to slow down (meditation), gentle exercise to ground each participant before the day of creativity begins.


We have a no alcohol policy and can offer 1-1 coaching to help you start the journey to achieve some life changing benefits like stop smoking/vaping and weight reduction. 


All meals and board are included and transport arranged for international participants.





Experience the desert, the rocky mountains and wadi’s of the UAE.


Join an ANYMAN retreat over a long weekend 4days/3nights* in the UAE and experience all the benefits of getting back to nature.

Benefit from group coaching, 1-1 coaching and activities that feed the soul, mind and body with a group of guys that are on the same page as you!

From Hatta to Hajjar Mountains, from Fujeirah Beach to Kalba, you can explore the rugged tracks, wadi’s or wander aimlessly along the beachfront



Want to really take your retreat adventure to a higher level?

Why not join us on a 4 day/3 night retreat* in the in the Nepalese Himalayan region. 

Our preferred retreat sits on the side of rice paddies over looking the beautiful Phewa Lake and distant Annapurna massif.

Immerse yourself in a yoga and meditation retreat and who knows what creative geniuses will emerge!

* plus time for flights for international based participants

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