Michael Leonard - UAE

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I have a passion for helping men be the best version of themselves that they can be. 

I have been on an interesting journey as a man. undertaken many careers, some of which just weren't me. I dropped out of society in the 20's, lived in the remote Australian bush in a mud-brick house with no electricity. I have beat substance abuse, re-immersed myself into society after 8 years, launched successful and not so successful businesses, lived in remote places like Papua New Guinea and outback Australia and cool places like New Zealand, Hong Kong and Dubai.

II have been single, married, a step-father, a step grandfather, divorced, in a long term relationship, and am now a husband again. I have failed, picked myself up, had anger issues, and learnt and grown as a man and am now in a really cool place. I know who I am, my purpose, my place, my legacy and my value to the world. 

I have worked as an Accountant, a recruiter, an entrepreneur, a CEO and now am a transformational coach. 


I describe myself as a corporate nature adventurer and have a real passion for the environment, and love to ride motorbikes or hike in remote far out places. 

What this amazing and varied life has given me is a real sense of understanding, empathy, acceptance of everyone and deep interest in people. Human behaviour fascinates me and I get a massive buzz out of working with men and see them grow into the man that they want to be.