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Michael Leonard

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University trained in counselling & coaching – an expert in Men’s Mental Well-Being

With a Master’s of Science in Coaching from a leading USA and UK based business school, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, with a specialisation in Alcohol & Drug studies, from an Australian university, and certificates and diploma’s in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, NeuroLinguisticProgramming, and Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction,  I have attended courses and workshops on men’s mental well-being in the USA and Europe. Regularly called upon by radio broadcasters., newspapers and universities to discuss men and mental health, I am committed to continual learning and am completing a Masters in Counselling in Alcohol & Drug studies at present.


How I work with you:

Offering more than a band aid approach to your challenges, I work hard to ensure that we create a therapeutic relationship based on respect, trust and no-judgement. Other clients mention that I bring a sense of calmness and wisdom to the coaching and therapy room. I am skilled at creating an environment where you feel comfortable in opening up and sharing whatever is going on for you. This allows us to confront those often unspoken issues with a sense of calm, creating a place where we can safely address and process the issues and challenges, and resolve them so they don’t impact your “in-the-moment” presence adversely. You will learn techniques on how to manage your issues as they arise, and with time, create new behaviours that are more aligned with your desired states, where you consciously choose on how you want to react and live. Sessions are conducted either in person or virtually, depending on your location and requirements.


What a journey looks like:

Working with me is a bespoke experience. It is impossible to predict how many sessions we will need together, however, generally the first session will give you a chance to tell your story and how this is impacting you’re here and now existence. For coaching therapy to be successful, behavioural change requires motivation to change. One of the areas we will focus on is your desire to make a change. Together we will map out what the next months look like for you. Further sessions will address individual issues and reinforce learnings and outcomes from pervious sessions. You will know when you are ready to complete our journey together, however, I keep my door open so that you know that you can reach out and recharge as and when required. 

I also provide “express” support – ad hoc 15 minute phone support as and when you need it (within reason).


My Specialisations:

As a specialist men’s coaching therapist, I am trained in and have expertise in working with men’s mental health issues, such as relationship challenges, substance misuse, work and other behaviour addictions, stress, anxiety, trauma and depression, grief and loss, gender identity challenges, and non-serving emotional behaviours such as anger, shame, guilt and fear.  Underpinning my core specialisations is an understanding of how the subconscious affects conscious decision making. 

My tool bag of modalities is deep and vast. I don’t apply a one model fits all to clients, instead co-creating with you what is best for you and works for you in the pursuit of achieving your goals and outcomes.

WhatsApp Michael on +971552000462
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