Forest Hike


The ANYMAN Leaders are a group of trained and experienced ANYMAN members.



Having lived in Dubai for 13 years, for a long time I struggled with my own identity, really working out who I am and why I exist. In Dubai I found it hard to find my tribe. I experienced a lot of anger and at times found myself behaving in a way that I didn’t like. I am not proud of this and at times I felt embarrassed, shameful and sad. I have failed, picked myself up, and have learnt and grown as a man and am now in a really cool place. I know who I am, my purpose, my place, my legacy and my value to the world. I love helping men find their place in the world. 


I am an accredited coach, men’s mental well-being therapist, NLP practitioner, and a whole bunch of other stuff that helps me do what I do! I love my dogs, my motorbikes and my partner (perhaps not in that order!)