Karl Bovenizer - UK

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With 28 years of experience as a practicing Veterinary surgeon, I bring a deep understanding and knowledge of people and their feelings. I came into coaching, as many coaches do, through my own journey of struggle, pain and learning. I have worked with highly emotional staff and clients, often at some of the worst moments of their lives. As a business man I have learnt to manage and deal with staff in high pressure and emotional times. It was as a business partner that I learnt most about myself and the need for help, assistance, coaching or just simply being able to talk to someone. 

In a busy but fundamentally lonely job I was initially unaware of how important connections and conversations with others was. As my work life and lack of balance deteriorated, along with a poor ability to open up to people about my actual emotions, I ended up in hospital with a mini stroke and my marriage fell apart. 

This frightened me and I eventually spoke to a friend. I realised how poor men are at this and at the same time found how relieving and fantastically helpful it was. I believe in two things about myself and others – Listening and language are the key to understanding and everyone knows themselves best, they just need someone to provide the key to unlock themselves. Over the last 12 years I have worked to build my skills in these areas, and learnt to find people I could open up to, in a safe environment. It is important to my purpose in life to share this with others, so they dont fall into the same trap as me.

I have now seen how this can be brought into the world of men, an area oft ignored by help and support groups. I want to bring all I’ve learnt, that which has kept me strong in times of trouble, and help an abandoned group of society to support themselves and feel stronger in times of trouble.  I love how Anyman creates a safe space to be listened to, something I found useful all those years ago.