Ash Kent - UAE

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I have a burning desire to help people and truly value giving back. I believe that by projecting the right energy in life good things will happen. My purpose is to help others become truly incredible through transformational coaching that fuels purpose and desire.

I hail from a beautiful coastal town in Australia, far from the city life I live in now. We were surrounded by fresh air, nature and the ocean. The small town that I grew up in has a loving and supportive community, similar to our tribal ancestors where community was everything. As I grew up, I ventured into the crazy big world out there and lived in Sydney, Dubai and London. I have set-up a number of companies in the Middle East and have been involved in many creative projects - most of which didn’t eventuate into anything and I felt a little lost because of this, but looking back, these moments have shaped who I am. 

Recently travelling solo around Australia filled me with immense joy, fear and self-awareness. Something that I would truly encourage anyone in their quest for growth and development as it has connected me with some incredible people and created cherished experiences.

I want to make a positive impact in people’s lives. I am still fueling my own growth and recently have experienced a shift; I know myself more than I have ever before. The Anyman Movement has truly turbocharged this and helped me to find my purpose and get a better read on who I am. 

I get a real kick out of the impact I am making in other’s lives, and being a part of The Anyman Movement,  developing an enriching community for men in the Middle East, and seeing men walk on their path to becoming their most incredible selves.